Our carding sets and lappers are equipped with the most recent electronics, electrics, driving and computing systems, namely control switchboxes, control desks, drive motors and electrical equipment on the machine.

A switchbox contains electrical equipment such a frequency inventers, servo-controllers, PLC, contactors, relays and feed systems. The relays and servo-controllers each have their own keyboard to change the set values controlling the characteristic of the drive motors and servo-motors. The switchbox is ventilated with fans to ensure optimal working conditions for the electrical equipment inside.

The control desk contains controlling, signalling and measuring equipment, including a PC, a touch-screen and a keyboard.

The whole makes a visualization system which provides user interface ensuring full operation and saving settings as procedures.

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The configuration of drive motors makes the synchronization complete, provides a large range of infinitely variable speed control for selected motors up to preset or calculated value, enables various quality and performance settings to be changed and allows the motors to be electrically brake by choppers and resistors.

PLCs and infinitely variable speed control with frequency inverters provide a high-precision copying of rotational speed, a large electromagnetic moment and a high reliability.

The electrical equipment mounted on the machine consists of sensors, transducers, electromagnetic locks (in side covers) and limit switches.

The whole of the electrical equipment complies with EU Standards.


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