1945 - Nationalisation of the company. Company was named Bielska Fabryka Maszyn Włókienniczych BEFAMA (Textile Machine Factory of Bielsko Biala).

1976 - The biggest sales in company's history reached 751 pieces of manufactured machines.

1996 - Legal and ownership transformation into a Joint Stock Company owned by the State Treasury.



1851 - An Austrian Mr Gustav Josephy founded a workshop of textile machines.

1854 - Beginning of production of roller cards and other machines for the Austria-Hungary Monarchy.

1862 - An intensive development of manufacturing and product exportation focused mainly for the Russian market.

1901-1912 - Further rapid development of the factory, wide extension of production programme.

1935 - Beginning of manufacturing of cart cardings "Electro - Selfactor" former revolutionary technical hit.

1937-1938 - Production exportation reached the highest level in company's history and represented some 80% of entire world production (over 2300 pieces machines to 34 countries worldwide).



BEFAMA Sp. z o.o.